Kennel Di Scottatura





sE, Ch. Fledder di Scottatura ( Ch.Domburg in Demand x x C h.Avril di Scottatuta)

Fledder 450


sE, sr. Ch Dutch
Hd A. Scissor bite .
Died: july 2015
DNA profile



sE, Ch. Kaz di Scottatura ( Ch.Kvina Cruising the Star x C h.Int. Freyara di Scottatra )



sE, Dutch Youth Champion. Dutch Champion. Benelux winner 2014.
Hd A. Scissor bite . ED free
Born: 24-10-2011
Jan van Mol.
DNA profile

VDH Anwartschaft

Mated the most beautiful Ch.DomburgICandy ( USA) at 20 -10-2013


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Quando Its me di Scottatura. Born: 23-05-2015
 ( Gitan des Gardiens de Cocagne x sE Its only me  di Scottatra )

 quando 350


Hd A. Scissor bite . ED free

Jan van Mol.
DNA profile

Available for breeding



Photo takenb 1 year of age.

Rebel J'Adore di AScottatura. Born 21-12-2015 ( sr Gitan des Gardiensa de Cocagne x Int.Ch JÁdore di Scottatura)



CAC Int Show Goes 2017. BOB
1 Excellent youth Class NVBH '17






Dutch.Ch.Jiovanni di Scottatura ( Ch.Furac van de Hoge Laer  x  Ch. Fiona  Scottatura )


Dutch  Champion

Selected by NVBH and BHCN
Caractertest +
Hd A. Scissor bite
DNA profile

14 the Excellent Open Class French Specialty

Father of  O-litter di Scottatura
Available for breeding


Ch.Asgaard des Louves d'Ymonville  ( Ch.Xoran van de Hoge Laer  x Ch.Raifie du Val Myrak)

 Kopfoto Strangermed350  

Dutch Champion
Sujet Recommande France.

Beste Veteran CFCBB 2014
Geprimeerd NVBH
Hd A. Scissor bite
Caractertest France Test de Championnat
Caractertest Belgium
Caractertest NVBH Social ++
Born: 06-11-05
Owner: W.M. van Deijl
DNA profile


King di Scottatura  (Ch.Domburg in Demand x  sE Hailey di Scottatura)

 King di scottatura  

1. Excellent  BHCN. Youth Class.

2nd Excellent BHCN Open class 2014
Owner.Erwin van Mill


Nelson It's me di Scottatura  ( Domburg All About me x It's only me di Scottatura) Born: 22 -12-2013

 Nelson kop350  

Owner: Kees de Jong
DNA profile

HD free

Ed free

Available for breeding.

G&G 1, G&G 2



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Pocatello di Scottatura  (Int.Ch.High Clearings Harley x  Int.Ch. Jadore di Scottatura) 20-10-2014

 Pocatello head350  

Youth Class
2 Exc BHCN Day

1 Exc BoB CAC, JCAC Int.Show Bleiswijk

1 Exc  JCAC Wijchen

1Zg Groningen 
1Owner Eric Kalle.


Available for breeding


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Phoenix di Scottatura  (Int. Ch.High Clearings x Int.Ch. Jadore di Scottatura)

 Storm hoofd350

2015 1 exc Holland up. JCAC RCAC

2016  1 exc Eindhoven JCAC


Owner: P.Rietkerk

Hd free
Available for Breeding






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CH. Pasadena di Scottatura  (Int.Ch.High Clearings Harley x Int.Ch. Jadore di Scottatura)

 pasadenahoofd 350  

 DUTCH CHAMPION available for breeding! 

Owner F. Tolhuis & R.Smeets   


HD free


CAC-CACIB UDEN  2016  BEST in Group 1.




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Ch.Domburg in Demand  (Zefirelli van de Hoge Laer x  Ch.Domburg Reve d'Amour)

 Domburg Demand350hoog  

English Champion
Hd free
Eyes Clear.
Scissor bite

Imported since september 2008
Born: 3-5-2001. Died 2013
Owner: W.M.van Deijl & Jong
DNA profile

Stored semen


 sr.Freedom di Scottatura( Ch.Domburg in Demand x Ch.Elite A Avril di Scottatura )




Hd A
Born: 23-10-2006
Excellent on Show.
1 st Exc. Paris Show .
Open class
Level bite

Died because of wrong Anasthesia
Offspring in Belgium and USA

Ojay di Scottatura  (Ch.Jiovanni di Scottatura x Ch. Kiara di Scottatura)

GEB 10-05-2014


2016 Holland Cup. 1U. CAC BOB
2016 Winner 1 U Intermediate

Owner Jessica Hoekstra


Ch. pE .Zidane di Scottatura  R,E Milton de la Clairiere aux Louves x R.E Vismey di Scottatura )


Luxembourg & Dutch Champion
Dutch Veteran Champion

Hd A
Born: 23-05-2000. Died 2015
sr. France
Owners: Peter &Julia Rietkerk




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