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Dekreuen di Scottatura

Dekreuen di Scottatura  Studmales

 Kazhoofd400  Kazstand Linda
CH.Se Kaz di Scottatura HD & Ed free father of 5 litters in Germany and USA 
 Owner.Jan van mOL Pedigree
 Nelson head 350  Nelsonstand350
sE &pE Nelson Its me di Scottatura Winner 2017 Hd &Ed free. G&G 1. G&G 2.
 Owner:Kees de Jongh Pedigree
 Quandohoofd350  Quandostand350
Eng.Ch.sE Quando Its me di Scottatura. CC Crufts 2019

Hd & Ed free

 Owners: Jan van Mol, Linda Lester, Nikki Mackie

 foto hoofd350  tarass stand350

 Ned. Ch . German Ch.Tarass di Scottatura  SE Geb: 30-01-2017.

Ned. Belg. Germ. Lux Youth Champion..

Crufts Biggest Doghow on earth! CC CHAMPION 2020 and BOS
 3 October 2020 Best male and  BOS Specialty Dkbs in Darmstadt ( Duitsland)
Geselekteerd BHCN

 HD & ED free

DNA profile

 Owner.F.Tolhuis Pedigree
Whiusky kop 350 Whiskye stand 350

  Whiskey Noa di Sottatura JW _W 2019


   Owner Kees de Jongh

HD free 

Ed free 

DNA profile