Kennel Di Scottatura

Quando Its me di Scottatura

Quando Its me di Scottatura  Fotoos 2018. 3 years old.!!

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Results 2017/ 2018/ 2019

30-09-2017 DKBS show . 4th Excellent in open class. Cath. Bond.

5-5-2018.  CAC . BOB 1 Excellent BSD German Specialty. Judge Mary Grove.

9-9-2018 Int. Show Rotterdam 2nd Very Good Judge Marion ten Cate

15-9-2018 BHCN 4 Belgians . 1st Excellent Open Class . judge Marion ten Cate

15-12-2018 LADIES KENNEL ASSOCIATION General Championship Dog Show 2018. Engeland  CC and BOB. Qualified for Crufts .

8-3-2019 Crufts England 1st Limnit Clas CC and BOS

Quandostand 450  PEDIGREE


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