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 CH. sr. Se. Whisky Noa di Scottatura. Winner en Jeugdwinner 2019. Geb: 3-03-2019

 Whiusky kop 350

 Whiskye stand 350
whisky noa di scottatura NE350 Whisky NE stand350



Winner 2019. Jeugdwinner 2019

Reserve CAC Dutch Specialty 202

Hd en ED free/ Scissor bite

Aanbevolen fok reu Frankrijk sujet recommande
Aanbevolen fokreu BHCN/NVBH

 Dutch Ch. Int. Ch.Eng.Ch. Quando Its me di Scottatura ( Ch.Gitan des Gardiens de Cocagne x Its Only me di Scoittatura)


BOB German Specialty BSD  5-05-2018.

BOB. LADIES KENNEL ASSOCIATION General Championship Dog Show 2018. Engeland 

Crufts 2019 BOS 1st in Limit Class CC
|Crufts 2022. BOS 1st in Open Class

Hd A. Scissor bite . ED free
Jan van Mol.

DNA profile

Available for Breeding". After he was  a wellknown studdog in the UK Quando is back wit his owner since 28 august 2022


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  Axel Umbra di Scottatura. Geb.5-07-2021


 Young promising male

 Owner.Fenneke van den Heuvel


Hd A

ED free

Scissor bite

Yuke Umbra di Scottarura .Geb.15-05-2020


Owner:Fenneke van den Heuvel 
DNA profile


Ed free
Scissor bite

Available for breeding.



Briscar Wajara di Scottatura  Born. 16-03-2022


Owner:Hans Hermans

DNA profile

Available for breeding.




Barox Wajara di Scottatura  Born. 16-03-2022


Owner: P.van Gisbergen
DNA profile

Available for breeding.




sE, Ch. Kaz di Scottatura ( Ch.Kvina Cruising the Star x C h.Int. Freyara di Scottatra )Retired



sE, Dutch Youth Champion. Dutch Champion. Benelux winner 2014.
Hd A. Scissor bite . ED free
Born: 24-10-2011
Jan van Mol.
DNA profile

VDH Anwartschaft

Mated the most beautiful Ch.DomburgICandy ( USA) at 20 -10-2013

Crufts 2019. Best Veteran Dg


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In memoriam  

 In memoriam

sr.Freedom di Scottatura( Ch.Domburg in Demand x Ch.Elite A Avril di Scottatura )





Hd A
Born: 23-10-2006
Excellent on Show.
1 st Exc. Paris Show .
Open class
Level bite

Died because of wrong Anasthesia
Offspring in Belgium and USA

CH. Nelson It's me di Scottatura  ( Domburg All About me x It's only me di Scottatura) Born: 22 -12-2013 (in memoriam)

 Nelson kop350  

Owner: Kees de Jong
DNA profile
Winner 2017

HD free

Ed free

Born:22-12-2013 --3-2024

G&G 1, G&G 2




 In memoriam

Ch. pE .sr. Zidane di Scottatura  R,E Milton de la Clairiere aux Louves x R.E Vismey di Scottatura )


Luxembourg & Dutch Champion
Dutch Veteran Champion

Hd A
Born: 23-05-2000. Died 2015
sr. France
Owners: Peter &Julia Rietkerk

 IN Memoriam Dutch Champion Rebel J'Adore di AScottatura. Born 21-12-2015 ( sr Gitan des Gardiensa de Cocagne x Int.Ch JÁdore di Scottatura)

Rebel JAdore di Scottatura 350stand

 Ned.Kamp. Duits.Kamp.Belgisch Int. Show kampioen

Hd free and ED free

Hans en Lenie Herans

  In memoriam

sE, Ch. Fledder di Scottatura ( Ch.Domburg in Demand x x C h.Avril di Scottatuta)

 Fledder 450


 Famous Fledder

 foto hoofd350  tarass stand350

 Ned. Ch . German Ch.Tarass Jádore di Scottatura  SE Geb: 30-01-2017. Overleden 07- 2023

Ned. Belg. Germ. Lux Youth Champion..

Biggest Doghow on earth! CC CHAMPION 2020 and BOS
 3 October 2020 Best male and  BOS Specialty Dkbs in Darmstadt ( Duitsland)
Geselekteerd BHCN

 HD A & ED free

DNA profile